Exchange links

At World66 we do not exchange links as is.

If you do however own a website about something interesting for World66 like a hotel, restaurant or internet cafe, you can add it to World66 and add your link as well.

For example you want to add a hotel:

- Visit
- Find the city in which you want to add your hotel
- Go to the accomodation section or click [add section] if the accomodation section is not yet existent
- Click [Add Hotel] to add your hotel


We would appreciate a link back to the World66 to the city page your hotel is located in.

Recommended by travel guide

To create this link you can use this code on your site:

<a href="" style="font-family:verdana;arial;helvetica; font-size:17px; color:gray; text-decoration:none">Recommended by <img style="vertical-align:middle" border=0 src=""> travel guide</a>